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Scenario: You have hired a new controller for your company. You are excited because his resume is excellent and his education and experience are exactly what you need.

Scam: You should have done your homework because your controller bought his degree on the Internet and lied about his last two positions.

Fake credentials fraud is closely related to counterfeit documents fraud and identity fraud. Scam artists use falsified documents to get jobs, obtain access to secure areas and apply for citizenship. Fraudsters have been known to falsify degrees from legitimate schools or they may just invent the school. They often will try to use names that closely resemble legitimate schools, but the actual degree comes from a false institution known as a diploma mill.

Other credentials also can be fraudulent. Documents that prove a membership in an association, or a professional designation, have been faked. A pilot flying a plane might have faked his flying license. And, there have been cases of doctors performing surgery having faked their qualifications.

Fake credentials can be a danger to public health and safety. Employers must make thorough checks on potential hires. Individuals also can help combat this kind of fraud by asking questions. If it still doesn't feel right, then check it out further.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of Fake Credential Fraud we want to know. Contact us and take ACTION NOW!

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